Do they freeze the rents in Bavaria too?

No rent increase and pay the same as the previous tenant when moving. Supposedly beautiful prospects for many Berliners if the rent cover of the Senate 2020 comes into effect. But the introduction of a rental cover was also discussed in other major cities and federal states.
In most federal states, however, this is not politically desirable.

6 years of freeze, a referendum that was initiated by the Munich Tenants Association and to which, among other things, the unions, the SPD and the Left have joined. Not only in Munich, but in 162 municipalities across the country, all existing rents and re-rentals should be excluded from any increase for six years. However, the alliance distances itself from the Berlin rental cap. For cooperatives and „fair landlords“ there are exceptions according to their own statements. In Bavaria, the last five legal referendums have all led to corresponding legislative changes.

The much-discussed draft law of the Berlin Senate includes a freeze on rents for five years, in many cases even a subsequent reduction in rent payments. The district mayors have approved the rental cover, but do not want to enforce it. There are plenty of warnings. The Federal Ministry of the Interior believes it is unconstitutional and the housing cooperatives, as sponsors of affordable rental apartments, are protesting – two of them even withdrew from a major construction project. The economy can no longer be guaranteed. Discussions with Katrin Lompscher, Senator for Urban Development, who initiated the law, were canceled. But so far there is no stop for the rent cover: a vote in the House of Representatives is expected for February.